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Changelog ‚Äč

This is a Vue component stored at /src/data/Changelog.vue used to display all the changes version to version. You can use any features you'd like within here, but it's recommended to simply add new <details> elements for each new major release, and mark the most recent one as open by default. It is strongly advised to not change any of the code relating to making the changelog appear in a modal.

There is a single version included by default that can serve as a reference of how it is recommended to add a version to the changelog:

<details open>
	<summary>v0.0 Initial Commit - <time>2021-09-04</time></summary>
	This is the first release :D
		<li class="feature">Did everything</li>
		<li class="fix">Had some fun</li>
		<li class="breaking">Removed everything</li>
		<li class="balancing">Created some bugs to fix later</li>

The details and summary tags will create a section that can be collapsed and uncollapsed. While collapsed only the text in the summary tag will appear. By default sections are collapsed, although adding the open attribute to the details element will change that.

Within the details of the version, you can add a description and a list of changes for that version. CSS classes have been defined to automatically mark a change as a feature, fix, breaking change, or balancing tweak. You can of course add additional tags as you have full control over the entire component.